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Ah, The Lure Of Bowl Games

Having grown up in the Golden Age of bowl games, all the big bowl games were on January 1st, though no one was stupid enough to program against the Rose Bowl and the Pac 8 and Big 10 conference champions. The mythical national championship was simply something to argue about. And all the games were on CBS/NBC/ABC.

Ah times change and this year I've been watching bowl games almost all on ESPN/ESPN2. Including West Virginia and Arizona State right now.

Clemson and Bama won their games on New Year's Eve, dumping Michigan State, and will play a bowl game next fucking week.

At least Northwestern got a bowl game ON New Year's Day. They lost, of course.

Most of the games have been blowouts.

Northwestern 6
Tennessee 45

Michigan 41
Florida 7

Ohio State 44
Notre Dame 28

Stanford 45
Iowa 16

Ole Miss won

Penn State 17
Georgia 24

Arkansas 45
Kansas State 23

Alamo -- 3OT
Oregon 41
TCU 47
(Oregon led 31-0 at half. Scoring in all three overtimes)

Cactus in progress...

Because I didn't have a TV listing and wasn't switching between network stations, I completely forgot about the NHL Winter Classic. Phooey.

College bowl games. They made a three-day holiday weekend in hospital bearable.

Oh, and ESPN mostly did a credible job of showing the games.


Dr. Phil

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