They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me


After an aggravating care conference yesterday, leave it to Dr. Phil to make great, well, not exactly strides, but great deeds in PT.

Previously worked on the right crutch in the hallway. But the crutches haven't felt right. So we raised the grip one notch. Much better. Lean crutch against the wall -- oh look, now it's at the comfortable handrail height. No wonder it didn't feel right. Now I can standup straight.

Went to the right side of the hall, stood, transfer left hand to crutch. Then right.

Hey, I'm standing on crutches!

Even tried a hop. No go. But big progress.

Sitting in the fifth floor dining room, very satisfied with progress. Hell, in OT I had them get my cane from the room, for learning to pivot to a toilet. Hmm. Maybe we should revisit the other mirror toilet. The one more like the bathroom in my room and at home. We're doing this training in the shower room. So... maybe I can wrangle this out, too.

But I stood comfortably on crutches today. Even tried a hop.

And... I got a cookie.

I was joined in the dining room for a bit by another patient --there'd been a Code Blue on his wing. An aide offered him a cookie. He didn't want it. So I asked what kind. A single prepackaged sugar cookie. I took it.

I earned a cookie today, dammit.


Dr. Phil

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