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I've been doing real well with the hospital. And then they got all stupid on me today.

I'm up and in my chair for OT at 8:30. PT at 10. So I've been going to the dining room at 11 to read, so I can be up for lunch. Then I go to bed, when I can, so I can nap before getting up for dinner.

Sometimes it takes a while for someone to get me back to my room. Sometimes it takes time for someone to be free to get me in bed. And pee...

Today, though, a cold and partly snowy Monday, I get wheeled back to my room -- and no bed.

Apparently the bed I was in was a rental, so they decided to send it back and give me one of the new beds. It's smaller and narrower. It doesn't have the siderails in the way when folded down like the old one, so edge of bed sitting is possibly better.

But I can't reach the bed control buttons. Goddamnsofafuckingbitch. I'm a beached baby whale again. The controls are mounted on a box on a stalk inside the U-shaped metal tubing "side rail". Which is too high and if I contort myself, I can sometimes reach a button. There is no bed remote.

I told the senior nurse I was upset and about to use language I don't normally use. She said I was an adult and should control myself. Goddammit, I didn't ask for this and was pretty sure the controls were going to be problematic when I first saw them. But I was willing to give it a try.

And I was right. It didn't work.

The nurse suggested maybe I should boost myself so I'd be closer to the controls. I pointed out I couldn't put the head down to boost myself because I couldn't reach the controls.

I had to call for an aide, since she didn't lower the head of the bed and let me try.

"Maybe" they can move the side rails down so I might better reach them. But I had to get out of the bed. For safety.

I just got to bed.

So I'm up early for dinner. I don't know what the maintenance guy was able to do. And no one is quite sure if the one-size-fits-all new bed are rated for 400 or 450 lbs. I was 403 last week, 396 just now, but there are error bars on those measurements.

The insult to injury is not that I am getting a roommate as well, but that his bed is pretty much the same model as the old one.

I don't know. I just don't know. I want to know what is going in my room, but I can't see and aides to ask or swing me back there.

Tonight is going to suck giant hairy eyeballs, I just know it.

Despondent and disappointed with Spectrum today...

Dr. Phil

UPDATE: 5:05pm. The work was apparently finished twenty minutes ago. I got myself pushed back to the room. Because of a break in the bottom rails, it was moved more than I figured was necessary. So don't know if it works. Also because of geometry, it may be difficult to get into bed using the current procedure.

The uncertainty is making my tummy hurt...

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