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Very Small Indeed

Sometimes I think there are only one or two new posts on the Web a day -- and everyone just references or links to them. (grin)

Monday my Clarion 2004 friend slithytove ran a post that included a link to Hubble Space Telescope wallpapers.

For a couple of days I had a particularly nice galaxy emblazoned across the screen of my laptop. Now I've had the nerve to put up one of the Hubble Deep Sky Survey...

It is one thing to look upon great starfields and contemplate that which we put into science fiction -- to think about traveling from star to star. To then look upon the glory of a spiral galaxy and imagine a small blue world hanging in a backwater of a spiral arm...

But it's nothing to seeing a teeny tiny patch of sky, littered with starry objects -- only to realize that they aren't single stars. Each and every one of those things is an entire galaxy.

What a wonderful and huge universe we live in.

Dr. Phil

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