They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Nip and Tuck

So Wednesday was my latest visit to see the surgeon.

There's one area still slow to stop seeping and the inboard dog ear is taking it's sweet time... So it'll be trimmed off on Monday. And as long as he's in there again, he's going to trim the other one -- it's just skin -- and trim and suture the not fully healed part.

I've been worrying about this sort of a revision, as the surgeon kept saying, because that sounded like cutting. And wouldn't cutting be a setback?

Actually, Dr. Fras isn't upset or worried, this happens all the time. The bonus is that this will shorten the time to a leg, not lengthen it. Okay, fine -- I'm on board. Also the surgery may reset some clocks with the insurance, giving us the time I need.

Everybody does things differently. I kept telling nurses not to put tape on my skin, but some of them kept insisting it would keep the dressing from shifting. Well, I've got a line of little blisters from my irritated skin from pulling that damned tape off. We've got a light dressing and a telfa pad on the area now.

Good thing this is still a stretcher visit, because they wrapped it up with a longer Ace bandage -- and the bulkier wrapping wouldn't fit back into the #3 Kiwi. Back here I had them put on the #2 Kiwi for dinner. Alas, this arrangement came off during OT Thursday morning, pulling the bandage with it. Made a decision to have the nurse do a new dressing from the wheelchair, rather than get into bed. Awkward procedure. Downstairs PT got the #3 Kiwi, now that we had the normal Ace bandage, pulled up better and it survived hopping and other workouts.

So, surgery sometime Monday. Back here probably that night. Arranged for therapy both Saturday and Sunday, so I don't lose a day. Light workout Tuesday. Should be able to continue therapy with the Kiwi, since it isn't a question of load bearing yet. And I have three sizes of Kiwis, depending on the surgical bandage...


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