They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me


Channel 3 said it hit 50°F in K-zoo on Sunday -- snow later in the week. Was murky in the afternoon here.

At midnight no more food. Water til like 9:45. Pick up at 11am. Surgery... sometime Monday.

Weird things can happen in the hospital. Some of third shift is rock steady. Some of the floaters... Wednesday I had two people put me on a bedpan backwards. Thursday a third. All third shift.

Who does that? (grin)


Since when has the Pro Bowl been a schoolyard pick and not by conference? The Pro Bowl has always seemed a lackluster flag football version of football. Going to sandlot rules seems to accentuate that thought... Flipping channels I saw the score was 42-21 in the third quarter, but teams Irwin and Rice are meaningless for an all-star type game. You know, the one without the top two teams, who play next week...

Dr. Phil

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