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So Rare A Day

This Entry Is Not A Gloat

After two weeks of rather trying weather around here in West Michigan...

Nights have dipped into the 50s. Perfect sleeping weather.

The air conditioner is "resting" at the moment. The electric meter is not whizzing round-and-round at breakneck speed.

You can have windows open and not get soggy from humidity.

Blankets are actually being used for sleeping.

Many insects and birds are making pleasant noises.

The neighbors are not at home making unpleasant noises.

The other neighbors' kids were outside briefly, but only making happy play noises.

No badly tuned exhausts or stereos on the Warner Street Raceway this afternoon.


Not only are peaches here -- Red Haven peaches are here. And they're ripe. And juicy. And they taste oh so good.

During the heat wave, the blueberries were coming in locally. It was reported that it was so warm at night, still near 80, that the blueberries grew 24-7 without a rest. It has been a bumper crop of really nice blueberries.

Our monarch butterfly raising efforts have been very successful so far, and Mrs. Dr. Phil's forays into the weeds to find more milkweed leaves to feed the Very Hungry Caterpillars keeps finding more cute little stripy monarch caterpillars.

Sometimes in the quiet of the summer, you can sit in the living room and hear the caterpillars eating.

I moved my 4pm afternoon nap up to 2pm and was interrupted by nothing and no person, until I rolled over and got zomped in my eyebones by a thermonuclear fire ball which was just beginning to peek in the window. Leaning a small pillow against my forehead solved that little problem and the last 22 minutes of my nap passed without conscious thought.

It is, not to be too subtle here, a perfect summer day.

Dr. Phil

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