They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Clean and Shiny

It was shower day today.

Not a trivial thing in a hospital. My last shower would have been in October 2013, when I was here last. Since then it's been sponge baths -- with the heel wound and balance issues, I was never cleared to shower at home. We tested using the shower, but ended up using the overhanging part of the tub chair and bathed outside of the tub.

But the healing from the revision surgery looks good and we wrapped the stump and kiwi in plastic anyway.

My last hair wash was in mid-November in my kitchen sink.


It's cold outside, lows near zero, but a warm up is coming. Frankly the snow storm here on Fuller was three days of dud. The sidewalks are clear and grass is visible. Heavy lake effect brands elsewhere, I guess over a foot of snow. But made it.

Rest day on Sunday. Disney showed Frozen. FX is showing Thor movies. TMC had Sabrina and Casablanca.

Yesterday I took a few steps of some sort with one crutch and a handrail -- I guess we made it to the end of the short hall. Played with a more ordinary folding walker -- might be useful indoors. But I have to be careful not to tip it over...


Dr. Phil

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