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It Was All A Dream

I don't know what happened / I don't know what's going on / I'm too low in the food chain / I don't know what it means.


It seems that the Administration at my employer, Western Michigan University, didn't happen. They've rolled back the Provost, they've fired the President, they've brought in Diether Haenicke out of retirement from two administrations ago.

If running a university, to say nothing of my employer/a major employer in the region, wasn't such a serious business, it'd be like the time in Dallas where they wiped out a whole season and called it a dream sequence. TV shows and movies and bad sequels can do that. It doesn't seem like a state university should. But maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way. The Board of Control has made a decision and maybe they decided the direction things were going needed to be "just a dream."

Circle The Wagons?

Of course, I'm getting this all third-hand, via emails on Gmail, an MSNBC article and a brief Michigan Public Radio news item -- at this very moment I can't seem to access my work email or the internal and external university websites. Maybe they're flooded with requests. Maybe they're changing a whole lotta web pages. Maybe there's a palace coup going on. (grin) Or maybe the servers down, traffic is high, an upgrade was planned. I dunno.

Dr. Phil

[UPDATE: 3 hours later and I got into my university email and no problems. Also no emails regarding anything. Hmm... But WMU News did have a release on this matter. Can't tell yet if this is going to get ugly or not.]

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