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Unfolding Tragedy

This morning's Channel 3 news was all about a mass shooting in Kalamazoo.

Some guy shot and killed two people at a car dealership, and then four (or five) women in a car outside a Cracker Barrel at 9th and Stadium Drive. Suspect was pulled over and arrested, following security videos. No motive. It's billed as a random act of violence -- I suppose that means there could be other victims.

I was told by one of the aides here that WMU students a few mikes away were complaining that the shootings didn't make it onto the university's alert system before the arrest.

One news report suggested that this Jason (a) was an Uber driver and (b) there'd been a posting on Facebook about a dangerously erratic Uber driver who could be the same guy. During their ride, the Uber vehicle sideswiped one car and didn't stop, which then played slalom around cars on West Main at 80 mph and refused to pull over and let the couple out. None of this is confirmed, the Facebook post said 911 was called but the police weren't all that interested. The police say they were aware of the incident.

The first comment on the Mlive news story about the Uber driver suggested that all Uber drivers should carry a gun. Second comment said, they do. Third comment was that maybe Uber drivers should carry a second.

Uh, did these idiots read the story? The Uber driver was described as reckless and you want him armed, too? Oh, maybe he was...

Unfolding stories ars always chaotic. But noise doesn't help.

The possible seventh victim was fourteen, but it was confusing online just now which report is correct. The sixth victim was eight.

News at 11?

Dr. Phil

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