They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me


I am doing a semi stand from the wheelchair now -- pushing up on both wheelchair handrails and then transferring the right, then left, hands. Results in less sliding of the walker. Plus, it's like how you get out of a chair...

No one bracing the walkers any more.

I can do up to 18 of the smoother swinging step hops in the lightweight folding walker. On the gym floor, the hallway, and as of Saturday, on the hall carpet behind the PT gym and the shag carpet in part of the OT gym. Our carpet at home has a nap somewhere between the two.

Can now get the wheelchair through the tight door in my room and the dining room. Mobility.

Can back onto the elevator by myself. Mobility.

Got my aide to bring me and my stuff down to the gym, even though no therapy scheduled. Doing boring reps with weights. Strength.

Figured out how to fold my shirt into a pouch to hold Kindles.

Dammit, I will safely get out of here.


Lovely day today. We spent some time outside in the sun while Mrs. Dr. Phil was here. Last night she made it to a game night in Standale. I briefly said hi to everyone over Skype on the Kindle Fires.

Filled out my Michigan primary absentee ballot today. No, I won't tell you who or what party.

Wednesday is my next surgeon's appointment. Should get stitches out from the revision surgery. Waiting on clearance for weight bearing on stump.

Gosh, Battleship is a bad movie.


Dr. Phil

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