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Ooh, Shiny

I've been keeping track of movie openings, as usual, but not closings so much. I mean I've missed the final installment of The Hunger Games, the new Star Wars. Likely to miss the final installment of Divergent. Sigh. Haven't checked the local theatre listings in months.

Oh look, Hunger Games 3.2 is at Celebration Woodland, the second run theatre. And VII is still playing first run at Celebration North. Both I'm sure will run out before I can do movies. No Creed or Deadpool on the big screen for me, I'm afraid...

Yeah, I was looking today, just because I haven't in so long.

But out favorite Holland 7, is undergoing more renovations...
This spring, get ready for comfortable plush electronic recliners in every theater at Holland 7. Get ready for an all new spacious lobby, new box offices and concession stand, new concession offerings like Nathan's hot dogs, self-serve drink refill stations, party room for birthday rentals and new restrooms! Reserved seating in every auditorium to follow the renovation!
We knew that the comfy seats in Theatre 5 would be done in the others, but I didn't know they were expanding concessions. Hot dogs are good. We've lamented that they didn't go beyond popcorn, candy and I think nachos.

The restrooms have been functional, but tired. I'm hoping for a nice handicapped men's room. Or better, a separate family/handicapped one. I suppose they could rebuild into the open spaces, for better accessibility. Funny how you really notice ADA compliance when you need it. (grin)

Holland 7 has always been a lovely, local family theatre. They get good repeat business despite glitzier plexes in West Michigan, including the Holland 8 in town. So I'm hoping they don't break it. I don't think they will. Not every movie theatre has to sprawl.


For the second weekend in a row, we are down one of the two passenger elevators. I heard that the one broke at 10pm Saturday night with a staff member on board.

I did get this morning's aide Joy to take me outside, though, after I got up. Does that make this a Joyride? Mostly sunny, breezy, 52°F at 10:45 am -- I was not going to miss this. Fer sure...

Off day from therapy. May have some visitors today, beyond the usual Sunday Mrs. Dr. Phil visit. Hoo boy, big excitement!

Oscars tonight. There's some talk about La Kate from Steve Jobs. We'll see.

Dr. Phil

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