They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Flying Kiwis

Hmm. Isn't the kiwi a flightless bird?

I suppose, but always there's a wrinkle. The #3 Kiwi brace has fallen off once, been loose once and almost loose once since the surgeon visit a week ago. And then there was this message I sent off to my buddy Tom at Hanger, who has been making my three usable Kiwis:
And... we have a new one, Tom.

Shortly after the Kiwi was put on in bed, the fiberglass shell went
flying across the room -- slipped right out of the gel sleeve. I
couldn't see what was going on -- the aide who put it on wasn't my
usual one. We got it back on. It felt "bunched" in therapy according
to the therapist, who pulled up on the 5-ply white sock and the gel
sleeve, and so far it stayed on through therapy.

But we may need to have the fit checked.
You think? (grin)

Anyway, someone is coming out tomorrow or the next. It's not unreasonable -- this Kiwi I believe dates to around January 15th or so. That's around six weeks. Guess my stump continues to shrink.


-- Today went to the front lobby and tried a sit to stand at the 17-17½" level on a bench seat. That's home toilet level. Tried using the yoga blocks as handles to push off, but the bench's surface was a bit soft. Took some assistance to get up. Try with the heavy cane on Friday.

-- Complained a bit to the PA on med team on Monday. As a result, talked with with one of the physical therapists in charge. And I am now cleared to do sit to stands with the hallway railings by myself. And I will be scheduled to be up and in my chair by 9:30 Mon-Sat even on days with later therapy. It's sometimes hard to get help on days I don't have a scheduled time.

-- I am told that if I get a leg soon, that not only should I pick up walking again quickly, the motion will help with my one-legged motions.

-- The financial advisor came by. Why? Because your 120 days are almost up. Uh, no... it reset on January 1st, according to the insurance company. Oh. Well, have you considered Medicaid? Uh, no... what does that entail. Well, cashing out insurance policies and spending down savings and assets... Uh, no! Fuck that shit!

-- Trying to do walking on carpet with lighter walker. Also stopping, standing and starting again. Almost able to do that. Need more distance and longer standing endurance. Still think cutting my therapy hours in half is stupid.

But I am getting stronger.


So a new DSL modem showed up at home. We have to convert Real Soon Now. Sigh. Alas, the WiFi router won't connect. And the info I need is buried on the desk, including the password.

But... the new modem has WiFi, which they turned on. Mrs. Dr. Phil connected up her laptop, Kindle Fire HDX and the Echo.

But... not our lovely old HP DeskJet 6980.

So, a stopgap measure, we ordered an OfficeJet Pro 8610 3-in-1. Well, we needed to replace the last, dead copier/scanner anyway. But I'm bummed that I don't get to play...


Dr. Phil

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