They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

A Sunday Kind Of Day

Second shower this morning. First time the stump was free to be showered. Different aide than before, but it all went well.

Mrs. Dr. Phil brought meat loaf she made last night, a couple of slices of Velveeta and our travel ketchup bottle. And bread. Real bread. A bit dried out, but while grains. Sturdy. Bits of nuts.

And flavor.

Ooh, and pickles! Bonus!

One of the other inmates took my ham and cheese sandwiches from the lunch tray back to his room. So we felt good that food wasn't wasted...

After the Sunday paper, we went outside. Alas, a bit of a breeze cut down our time outside, but it was in the 40s. 50s and 60s coming.

Mrs. Dr. Phil also brought a borderless 8x10 print from the new 3-in-1 printer that came on Friday. Cute picture of us outside on Christmas in our red hats. Put it on the wall where several of the aides spotted it right away. What a cute couple we make...

Today was a rest day. Monday we pick up the pace anew. Wednesday we see the surgeon. Friday we hopefully start on the prosthetic.

Mentally I've been ready to get out of here for a long time. Physically we are getting closer.

Want to be home.


Dr. Phil

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