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A Few Links Found Just Today

douglascohen has a nice interview with Jetse DeVries, an assistant editor of Interzone. Why might you care? Because Jetse reads the e-mail submissions during Interzone's e-submission reading periods, one of which is during September 2006. Thing I didn't know about Jetse: we both have short stories in last year's Northwest Passages: A Cascadian Anthology.

Found a recent piece on E-Prime, something which a friend passed on to me a few years ago. E-Prime is an attempt to change the English language by removing the use of the verb "to be". It doesn't always work, and the original articles I read mentioned that it often doesn't work in realistic dialogue, because you know people don't really like talk that way. (sick-grin) But you can punch up some of your prose -- and it is very useful in getting rid of some of that passive writing people can slam you (me) on. (grin)

Clarion classmate webpetals links us to a piece rejection letters.

And writer John Scalzi is always good for a comment, this time on what to do when you're running out of ideas for your stories...

Dr. Phil
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