They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Random Errors

So Mrs. Dr. Phil and I Skype every day that she's not here. It's been marvelous.

Of course, as a free service, it's not been without its glitches. Mrs. Dr. Phil's Kindle Fire HDX seems to have an issue with something flexing inside which causes the microphone to cut out. So she's using her laptop now.

Tonight, in the middle of our conversation, the screen on my Kindle Fire HD flashed white and we lost video. I think she just got my avatar and I got nothing. Still had sound. Eventually we tried restarting the session. Got various versions of either avatars and nothing.

A bunch of apps updated themselves today. Maybe there was a mismatch of versions.

Rebooted. Reinstalled the app. I could see her now, but my image was black.

After we logged out, I suddenly wondered if my camera still worked. It did not.

Another reboot. And now it does. I'm hoping this fixes the problem.

But software updates are going to be the death of our civilization.

I worry about starting up ZEPELLIN, the Windows 7 laptop from Wendy, after so long. People are starting to run into forced upgrades to Windows 10. I've had enough troubles coming up with workarounds to restore XP and NT functionality to 7, and I know some of those won't work easily in 10. There are some hacks to prevent this, include at least one on Microsoft support, but first thing I'll do is disable automatic updates until I sort things out.

Fuck you, Microsoft.

Dr. Phil

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