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In thirty minutes the time change from EST to EDT will roll out. And 2am suddenly becomes 3am.

My aide this morning remarked that her phone changed overnight. As in Saturday morning, not Sunday. Huh. She had to go in and turn off automatic DST and set the time manually.

And what kind of phone? Apple iPhone 6s. She said other people she knew had the same thing happen.

Haven't looked at much news or net today, so I don't know how widespread. But I am assuming the DST change was programmed for year day N.

And Apple forgot that 2016 was a Leap Year.

This afternoon I cracked out my cellphone to call my Mother in NC. As often happens, seeing as I don't turn on the phone very often, I was in the middle of dialing when a text message received screen popped up. And as usual, it was a message from Verizon saying that $XX.XX was being charged to my credit card under monthly Autopay.

Except March 12th is the wrong day for the message. At least I think that's what the message was about. It was in Spanish.

There was no way I was going to call the 800 number shown. So first I replied to the message, Why the hell is this in Spanish? But as I expected, this message won't take replies. So I called customer service at *611. The first call got dropped after I made it through the security crap and reached a real person.

On the second call, the woman I talked to laughed and said they'd done a big system upgrade and "everyone" got a text message in Spanish. Ignore it.

Okay, so they hadn't switched my account language.

But given the anti-immigration climate amongst Trump and other supporters, I do worry that this will reach the tinfoil conspiracy crowd and make them nuts. The Mexicans are taking over Verizon! Sigh.

Oh, and my mother? She wasn't available -- she was in the main dining room for Bingo and popcorn. Good, she likes popcorn. And she might even be playing Bingo. Another time...

Cellphones 0-3 today.


Saturday PT included steps forward, to the left, to the right, and back. I swear it sounds like I'm doing the Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show...


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