They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me


Ah, March Madness. And the sweet sounds of brackets crumbling all over.

-- Yale? First tournament win and its first ranked win since like 1948.

-- Michigan State just lost. Never led against #15 Middle Tennessee. The faithful here in Michigan had been annoyed that the Spartans had been seeded #2. Many brackets had them winning the whole thing.

The beauty of the NCAA tournament is it's one-and-done and you cannot look ahead.

The therapy gym was filling out brackets for fun and I'd put in my sheet.

My bracket has Texas winning. Beating State in the final. So my brackets are shredding. As per usual.


Only briefly checked in on the women's tournament on ESPN2. The men are on CBS-TBS-TNT-Tru, but alas we don't get the last, so I missed all the "First Four" play-in games.

However, they've come to their senses and no longer claim those four games as the First Round. That is reserved for the two days of 32 games.

As it should be.

Order has been restored to the universe.

Now, will someone beat Kansas?

Dr. Phil

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