They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Some Progress On A Sick Day

Weather was a rollercoaster on the last day of March. At 6pm there's fast moving white clouds and blue sky to the north and fast moving storm clouds to the south.

Did not sleep well last night. With warm rain outside the humidity indoors shot up. Put on the room fan eventually. Three times I broke out the Kindle to play music to drown out hallway and noises from other room. I had finally got to sleep when I was woken up by an aide at 5am that my weight would be taken at six. No. Besides, I get my weight taken most weeks and especially before a doctor's visit.

But what really didn't help was the increase in the gassy bloating feeling. Yesterday was mac and cheese lunch, but I only picked at dinner. I ran into this two years ago with food making me gassy. I just need to get out of here and get real food again. Took a couple of Gas-X at 3am, more at breakfast, lunch.

Had no interest in the lunch or dinner trays. I had a small cup of orange jello and some saltiness for lunch. Chicken noodle soup and two cups of orange jello plus saltiness for dinner. The noodles and chicken were well boiled, so I had some. The broth was good, though it had a lot of sage in it.

Late afternoon temp was just 99.6° F, so I'm not deathly ill. Dozed in afternoon.

But... today was the first day of PT in a week, so we ended up going outside under the portico out front. As suspected, the folding walker sucks on non-level surfaces. But I did well with my four wheel walker. First time I really got the push-brake-step coordination together. Go me. Also did well on a wet, slippery surface.

My entry for WOTF was due today -- the first quarter where the deadline was 9pm PST and not 11:59pm. Of course at 11am EST the system was closed. I had to send my RTF file directly to Joni. She was not happy with the IT problem. I think they get a huge number of entries in the last 24-48 hours.

This is an experimental story. I fully expect it to be punted, so I probably will rewrite it traditionally for Q3.

I hope this bug goes fast. Being sick in a hospital sucks. All the usual things I would do have to be filtered through other people.


Dr. Phil

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