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Slow Food

This flu started out with a stomach upset. And roughly ended with same. Today was the first day I ate a meal without feeling bad. Of course, the 2/day x 5 days of Tamiflu started Saturday ended yesterday, and the general report from the staff on Tamiflu is that it upsets the stomach. Except for one reading of 99.1°F, my temps been normal pretty much all week. Highest recorded was 101.9°F. Congestion mostly gone, the big globs of green phlegm are gone, but I still have a cough every few hours. Feeling better. Still getting lots of sleep.

So I think I will survive. Get off lockdown on Saturday -- can't wait to get some outside air. Monday is back to Hanger for Leg 2.1 try. PT eval when I get back.

The blog title came from the slow way I'd pick through food this last week. Even jello and saltines was a little rough. But I managed to eat menu food on Tuesday and Thursday, roast beef sandwiches on Wednesday. I'd lost around ten pounds or more, but alas, resuming eating will bring some of that back.

The blog title has other significance today -- the whole morning was running late. I'm supposed to get a 7:30 early tray every day. Didn't come this morning, had to call down. Of course today I wanted to start early getting up so Dave from PT could take off my bandage and inspect and handle my stump and scar. But breakfast was late. Getting on and off a bedpan ran late. Dave was late.

But, he was very happy with how it all looked and felt. Cleared for Monday.

Kept in our rooms since Saturday, we're all on limited in-room therapy. Made easier for me because I had no strength to do diddlysquat. Today I did a full set of 200 exercises with the hand weights, full set of all three leg exercises, and 175 of the black theraband pull downs from the top of the door jam. While not a full day's work, it's the best I've done in over a week. Comes at an opportune time, I'd say.

I've had to burn a lot more battery time on the Kindle, playing my playlists to drown out the nasal noises while trying to sleep. Naturally I have a new story in my head, but I've only made notes.

I wanna sit up and type, dammit.

Best thing I can say about the flu -- I was wondering how I would survive two weeks of limbo before the next leg attempt. Apparently I was to entertain a virus. Oh well, kept my mind off other matters.


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