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From The Atlanta Office

Dr. Phil's sister, wendyb_09, reports that the other day she was wandering in Lenox Mall, the "premiere shopping experience in Atlanta", and at the Walden Books found a huge display of Books By Best Selling Authors. And there at eye-level, exactly centered, was webpetals Majorie M. Liu's new book The Red Heart of Jade, the third in her paranormal romance Dirke & Steele series. wendyb_09 just wanted webpetals to know about having the perfect product placement at that one store.

Apparently wendyb_09 devoured the book last night and this morning and pronounced it good. What wendyb_09 couldn't do was tell me anything about the three short stories I mailed to her. Seems she hadn't been to her mailbox in a couple of days. Online bills means my sister doesn't have to check the mail every day. Sigh. How can I call on Sunday fishing for compliments if she hasn't read my stories? (grin)

From The Home Office

Mrs. Dr. Phil also just finished The Red Heart of Jade, but didn't like it as much as Tiger Eye. I'm behind in reading Marjorie's tales, so I need to get cracking and break up this tie decision. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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