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Oooh, Nice People Saying Nice Things To Me

There's A Mob By The Bus Stop (But They Look Friendly)

On my way in to Wednesday Office Hours today, I stopped by the Public Safety office to get my two-vehicle-held-on-by-Scotch-tape Fall 2006 Parking Permit. As I am officially a part-time faculty person, they can't give me one of those vehicle hang tags they give "real" faculty. (grin)

Then back to the Rood Hall parking lot -- and already I can see a huge mob scene by the bus stop. Which I have to walk through between the parking lot and the building with my office.

But they looked friendly enough. And some guy was photographing with what I, as a former yearbook and semi-pro photographer, would call a "real camera", so I asked him what was going on. "They're taking the kids downtown."

I'm assuming "the kids" are the freshmen/new students. And taking them "downtown" wasn't some old 30s movie shorthand for arresting them all and throwing them in jail. In fact, all the students seemed to be wearing name badges on neck strings with the logo New Student Welcome printed on the badges.

Okay. Safe enough crowd to walk through.

Then someone leaning against a railing shouted, "Hi, Dr. Phil!" and I said "Hey!" back. Without prompting or bribe, this student yelled out, "This is Dr. Phil -- he's the greatest Physics teacher in the world!" To which I replied, "It's true." Which got a lot of freshmen smiles.

I should've asked my former student, now New Student Welcome group wrangler, what grade I gave him. (grin)

Late To The Party As Usual

Wow -- I've been quoted by another blog.

Actually, I've been quoted in bits and pieces before, but it was all between 2004 Clarion people. This one came clear out of the blue from writer Meljean Brook, who referenced part of my commentary from this entry.

Gee, thanks!

And One Pleasant Flake

Phone call for Dr. Phil. Uh, I knew where this was going. "Is this about a Physics class?" "No, it's about a private issue." "Is this about the television show?" "Well, it's something you haven't covered recently."

Mmmm... I don't recall having covered anything on my television show recently. Ooops, have to turn down the snark-o-meter.

I don't know where she got my office phone number, but in as many places as I can on my webpages, it says "I am not the Dr. Phil on television." And I link to the Other Dr. Phil's FAQ page -- though they change that address from time to time, so some of my links are unfortunately bad links. Sigh. A Dr. Phil's damage control job is never done.

I still get phone calls. And e-mails. And letters. And the occasional package. (double-sigh)

Dr. Phil

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