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The End of Summer


Freshmen and other student types are unloading their lives onto campus. Some other area colleges and universities have already started classes. My two month break from the classroom is just about over.

No more staying up til 3 or 4 in the a.m.

No more getting up at 6 a.m., after only two or three hours of sleep, knowing I can go back to sleep after Mrs. Dr. Phil goes off to work.

No more having time to post multiple LiveJournal entries. (sniff)

No more having a tank of gas last a week or more. It's back to a new tank every two days. On the other hand, the paychecks begin to flow again, so as long as the money doesn't go our faster than it comes in... (grin)

No more watching episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on Spike TV -- or the weirdly addictive Cash Cab on The Discovery Channel -- in the middle of the day.

On The Other Hand

I get to play with two different classes, rather than two sections of the same class, so I don't have to try to keep them in synch. And both classes are the first and second semesters of the same course, so they use the same textbook.

And I get to write more quizzes and tests and generally mess with the minds of all my Physics students. (gleeful-grin)

And I've got all three Blazers running properly just about now, so maybe I won't have to try to schedule in any repairs during the Fall semester.

And the weather is still full of less-than-maximum-hot days and the nights promise to move from the mid-60s to the 50s. Mmmm -- blankets.

Good thing, too, since the blue box fan I bought for the pre-Mrs. Dr. Phil some 24 years ago died yesterday. It kept shutting off on HIGH, like it had an overheating protection circuit -- which it might have had -- so I didn't run it on HIGH. Dumb me, I figured it was a lubrication problem and really didn't want to figure out how to oil it. Didn't occur to me to check to see if 24 years of fuzzy dust had blocked nearly all the cooling vents... too late now.

So bring on the Fall Semester and the crisp Fall weather.

I'm ready.

Dr. Phil

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