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Mmm... Titanium

Sporks At The Office

Some years ago I was flipping through an REI catalog and saw a listing for a Titanium Spork. How cool -- I thought. I mean, the usual type of plastic spork is pretty useless. It even showed up as a joke in Snakes on a Plane this summer. But make one out of lightweight and strong titanium alloy, now that's a different thing. Mostly I take sandwiches to the office for lunch. If I take something like spaghetti, as I did today, I'd have to pack along a fork or spoon. But if I had a titanium spork...

So the Titanium Spork has been haunting me recently. First Trent mentioned it in his blog about favorite camping/hiking gear. Then the movie reference. Finally our trip to Madison WI and my very first visit to an actual REI store.

See, I've been an REI co-op member since the mid-80s. But it was all catalog and mail order. When we lived in the U.P., it was very convenient to have a good source of sturdy tech gear. So there I was, in a store filled with REI gear -- and the first thing I looked for was the Titanium Spork.


But they had more than just sporks. They had titanium forks and spoons, too. Giddy with the choice, the light weight and the relatively cheap price, I bought all three tools. And a carabiner to clip them on.

Today's The Big Day

Not only did I use the titanium fork with my spaghetti -- so nice to twirl spags with a sturdy tool -- but at 4:30 today is the WMU Physics Department annual Fall Picnic. And I shall clip my titanium spork to a belt loop and head out to the picnic, confident that I shan't have to endure some crappy plastic eating utensil. I imagine all the other geeks in the department will be jealous. Tough! (grin)


I won't, however, be able to play with my new GPS unit at the picnic, because it won't be here yet. After picking up the titanium spork and friends at the REI store, I wandered around and decided I should check out GPS units. And found out there was a model on sale and rebate, but (a) the sale ended on Labor Day itself and (b) they were out of stock at the REI store, though I could get it backordered off the website. Which I did. And got an e-mail saying it shipped this morning. Ack! Anticipation!

Dr. Phil

[NOTE: Constantly amused by the words LJ's spell-check does not have, including the word "blog", but am not surprised that "spork" didn't make their list.]

[UPDATE: The titanium spork did a brilliant job of replacing the plastic fork technology at the Physics Dept. picnic. Thus a new age of office eating is ushered in. Yum.]

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