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Some Reality Checks Are In The Mail

Mind You I'm Not Ready For This

John Scalzi's entertaining blog contains, from time to time, some comments and examples on How The Publishing Business Works. Which generally is not how newbie authors thinks it works, so some refreshing clarity can be a good thing.

In My Case This Is Research For The Future

If I had to guess, I'd say I'm two years out from trying to mess with a book publisher -- but if I make one or more sales of short stories to any majors in the next few months (hint-hint goodly gentle editors out there) this could change.

Anyway, Scalzi has been very up front about aspects of both The Business and His Business in particular, which is both entertaining and educational.

Three Links

Today Scalzi blogged about the poor fortunes of major bloggers trying to capitalize on their fame in the blogosphere with traditional print media. While one could suggest this was a train wreck bound to happen -- people are happy to blog/lurk for free, why should they pay? -- the nice thing was the discussion of book advances and links to previous discussions.

So without further ado:

Today's posting, aka September 25, 2006, The Old Media Toilers Help Themselves to a Heaping Slice of Schadenfreude Pie

February 09, 2005, The Money Involved

September 08, 2004, The Real World Book Deal Descriptions

Thanks, Scalzi

Dr. Phil

(PS- still can't believe that LiveJournal's spellcheck doesn't know the word "blog".)

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