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A Hit A Hit, I Do Confess!

Ralan's has announced the winners of the 2006 Grabber Contest, which I had previous mentioned here.

2nd Prize: Dead Forever by Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon
Full story 4800 words, grabber 494 words (MS-Word)

There were a record number of 87 entries resulting in a prize pool of $1100 to five prize winners. All entries were limited to just the first 500 words of a 2000 to 6000 word story -- the judges have NOT seen the full stories yet. Full stories will be posted by 31 October 2006. I'll update y'all later.

Final Judges:
Richard Freeborn, editor/publisher, Oceans of the Mind
Bridget & Marti McKenna, editors, Æon Speculative Fiction
Bruce Holland Rogers, writer/teacher, writing teacher

Teaser first line:

Crap, he thought. Why do I always have to be the one to die?

Dr. Phil

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