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Another Interesting Window Into Clarion (1977)

Still No Joy

If there are 2005 Clarion blogs, they're using Double Secret codewords, claiming to be at the 1773 Dutch Elm Workshop in Battle Creek instead (grin) of East Lansing in 2005.

In Days of Yore...

... Some of the legendary instructors including AJ Budrys, Harlan Ellison, Kate and Damon, taught at the 1977 Clarion -- gee, Dr. Phil would've been just a puppy between his freshman and sophomore years at Northwestern. Found someone's reminiscences here:

Clarion 1977 Beginnings, Middles and Ends.

Another Cog in the Great Wheel

Slowly the pro sales of the 2004 Clarion class continue. Latest is Trent Hergenrader's sale to F&SF, i.e. The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Dr. Phil

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