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A non-native, non-natural artifact has been found on the surface of the planet Mars from SPACE (!), raising hopes that some day intelligent life will be found in the universe. The best part is, the source ISN'T the National Enquirer.

Click here for STUNNING details!

Here's the "Ground Truth" view of the situation.

I'm Impressed

The NASA robotic vehicles Spirit and Opportunity were expected to last 90 days, more or less, on the surface of Mars. But after years of losing payloads to the Red Planet, including one famous "Did you want that in English or Metric?" moment, the two rovers are still running years later. Wow.

You May Now Resume Your Regular Programming, Already In Progress

Dr. Phil

ADDENDUM: Of course, then there is this video of non-natural, non-native aliens launching their spacecraft from the surface of a hostile, barren world.

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