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Clarion Recognizes Mary Sheridan

If you've been involved with the Clarion workshop in East Lansing lo these many years, then you probably know Mary Sheridan. She was my first contact in Fall 2003 when I realized that I could probably swing the costs and wrote an e-mail to find out how early applications could be taken. I met her in person at the Clarion suite at WisCon, the week before Clarion 2004 began. Everyone knew Mary and as alums stopped by, stories were told and Mary caught up with everyone. Not only did Mary help out our workshop in so many ways, when I made it to Clarion readings in 2005 and 2006, there was Mary Sheridan lining up with the rest of us to buy books. What a lovely friend to the SF&F community.

Today's E-Mail

The Clarion Foundation included in their latest e-newsletter comments on the move from East Lansing to San Diego -- and mentioned (1) how Mary helped out in detailing to The New Order exactly how the workshop was run and (2) that a Clarion scholarship is being established in her name.


To ensure that Mary Sheridan will always be associated with the Clarion Workshop, as she has been for nearly three decades, the Clarion Foundation has started a Mary Sheridan Endowed Scholarship Fund, to be administered and maintained by the Clarion Foundation. Mary has helped every Clarion student, whether they knew it or not. We'll miss you, Mary, but you will be a part of Clarion forever. To donate to the Mary Sheridan Scholarship Fund, simply make a cash donation following the instructions at In the "note from you to Clarion" box, or enclosed with your check, mention that it's for the Mary Sheridan fund.

I can't think of a better way to help Clarion and recognize the East Lansing years, but in a positive way rather than just carping. (grin) Thanks, Mary!

Dr. Phil

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