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It's No Secret...

... that we are in love with Finland and Helsinki. We actually managed to be there in 2003 -- Mrs. Dr. Phil had a conference in Helsinki, which paid her way, so we needed only to add my airfare and the hotel and other assorteds.

Mrs. Dr. Phil keeps up with a Helsinki photo blogger far more than I do, but I'll try and make amends by putting up the link here on my blog: - Under the Open Sky | Photos from Helsinki (Finland) - Niklas Sjöblom. It is just turning into winter and so the vibrant colors and skies of summer and fall are turning into wintry monochromatic masterpieces.

Niklas Sjöblom has a beautiful eye, superb equipment and an incredible country to play in.

Highly recommended.

Dr. Phil

PS - For a very different view of Helsinki, slithytove turned me onto Hel Looks, a roving cacophony of Helsinki street fashion by the most design oriented introverts on the planet.

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