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Today's collection of oddities comes from a lengthy Googling session which turned up a whole buncha "stuff" (grin)

Writers Of The Fall

I had heard of this before, but didn't bother to create a file about it. (I use WordPad to create little files about everything, and cut-and-paste URLs and content for reading offline. Takes longer than just reading, doesn't kill any trees, only makes little iron and rare earth metal atoms change the direction of their magnetization as they scream along the Spinning Hard Drive Ride.)

National Novel Writing Month is scheduled for November 1st-30th.

5) At midnight, local time on November 1, begin writing your novel. Your goal is to write a 50,000-word novel by midnight, local time, on November 30th.

That's almost a laugh for me, trying to keep a novel down to 50,000 words (grin), but then some of my attempts at novel writing are way too long and are unfinished.

Clarion Groupies

I've found one blog for a 2005 Clarion attendee so far: The Evil Cub. Guess he's been busy this first week and hasn't been posting every day. And it's a small class? Urk!

For a look at how much fun a Clarion blog can be, check out: Slithytove at Clarion

... and from this January down in Brisbane: Damselfly at Clarion (South). (As hot as Michigan can get, Australia wins this one.)

Take This At Face Value

Without taking any time to verify, I found this about Dinner with Harlan auction for Walter Koenig's star. Seems that Harlan Ellison is trying to drum up support for a Hollywood star on the Walk of Fame for Walter Koenig. Now many will remember him as Checkov in Star Trek and some of its movies, and several forgettable SF movies, but I have to say that what in my mind would make him deserving of a star was his fine portrayal of the evil Bester in Babylon 5. No nice Ensign Checkov here.

Oh And Check Out...

Fellow Clarionite Peter Burtis' second issue of his free webzine Shadows of Saturn. This is a pro-paying new market for dark SF and he's had good web traffic to his first issue, but this one has a Tim Pratt story!


The strawberries and strawberry shortcake have been wonderful. Thanks for asking!

Dr. Phil

PS- I don't know what's going on, I input some sloppy HTML code and fixed all that, and I'm still getting a some kind of ARRAY error in Preview. Since I don't have that much access here, damned if I know what it's kvetching about.

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