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Hey, Kids! This Is Educational, Too!

No, I'm Not Turning My Brain Into Jelly, But Thanks For Asking

I spent some of the last year trying to avoid the YouTube phenomenon. It's not just that I've never owned a video camera, though I do have an IBM webcam I picked up on sale one time at CompUSA and have never installed, and more to do with avoiding issues with copyrights and intellectual property, to say nothing of having little interest in wiling away my life looking at low resolution video images. Plus I usually web surf with the sound off or on machines/operating systems with no sound drivers installed. (grin)

But one can see, I have fallen for a few things, such as the random violence of the virtual amusement park, and now that I've located the box in YouTube which has the source code all set up to make little play boxes in my blog... it's really all too easy.

But It's Physics, So It Has To Be Good

Actually, I found this in a blog from a 2006 Clarion West student... A Physics demonstration of a Rubens Tube:

Want More Physics?

In getting the YouTube link above, the YouTube homepage had another Physics video, so might as well stick this here, too.

Okay -- I stop myself now.


Dr. Phil

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