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I May Be Crazy, But I Am Not Stupid

SPECIAL NOTICE: 11:55pm 11-30-06
Dr. Phil is CANCELLING class for FRIDAY 1 DECEMBER 2006.

Weather Forecasts predict a Very Bad combination of Rain, Sleet, Snow and High Winds along the path I have to travel. In particular "the Allegan County skating rink" along US-131, a notorious location for severe multiple vehicle accidents, is slated to have the worst conditions. If anything, the drive home in mid-day would be more hazardous than the morning drive in.

Dr. Phil apologizes for the inconvenience, especially this close to the end of the semester. We will extend the deadline for the Topic 2 Worksheets to WEDNESDAY 6 December 2006, to allow for questions.

Seven and a half years of living in the U.P. of Michigan taught us that sometimes there are days to stay home.

Dr. Phil

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