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My Babies!

Our three cats (Bagel, Blue and Sam) have been under the weather -- and we don't know why. One cat not eating -- that happens from time to time. One cat having some diarrhea -- ditto. Barfing up on the carpet? Hey, kitties get hairballs not matter what you do. But all three symptoms at once? On all three cats on a slightly different schedule? Something on the carpet and you aren't even sure which end of a cat it came out of? After two days of no one eating, they go to the vet.

The boys, orange Bagel and dark Sam, began eating just about the time Blue stopped. These guys don't go outside -- and it was Blue (who is actually sort of gray) who was at the vet getting her teeth cleaned two weeks ago, so if she'd brought back anything, wouldn't she've gotten sick first?

The Only Clue

Wednesday, when the guys were starting to get picky, I took their dinner downstairs to them and the stuff from the fresh can seemed awfully gummy and sticky. It's a special prescription kidney diet as it is, and is somewhat gummy anyway, but maybe it was a bad batch of food? We had the most recent cans -- they were in the dish drainer after being rinsed for recycling -- and they were all from lots with June 2008 expiration dates. So I searched through the cans in the cabinet and found 30 cans with June 2008 dates in 3 sequential lot numbers, and had four cans on hand with March 2007 dates. The stuff the boys have been interested in eating has been the old stuff the last couple of days. When we went to the vet Saturday morning, I took the thirty cans and they exchanged them for some with August 2008 dates.

Given that everyone was basically hydrated and healthy, no swollen or stiff livers or kidneys, normal temps and heart/respiration rates, and were alert and reactive, the vet was happy to at least have some potential reason why everyone got sick and punked out. So, we're hoping Blue will pick up some appetite in the next day or so and the boys will continue to mend. The poor little girl had a smelly runny poop this morning while I was with them reading the Sunday paper and so maybe if she's got that out of her system she'll feel better.

Naturally the vet's visit was more in the realm of reassurance that we weren't missing something, since they didn't actually find anything with them or the "samples" we brought from the litter box. (ewww) The kitties, of course, are useless as they're not talking. It's all probably too many days of smokin' cigars and doing tequila Jell-O shots.


These are our babies. They're only thirteen years old. We want to have a lot more years with them. And while stuff happens, just as it happened to our last round of three kitties, this weekend when everyone was down and out, it was too terrible to think of losing them all at once.

Dr. Phil

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