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Kitties On The Mend?


... is being his usual piggy self. So happy that there are siblings who are not yet eating at full strength -- the more he can scarf. At some point his GI tract will begin to gravitationally collapse, but I'm not sure if he'll (a) ignite into a crunchie burn star, (b) become nothing but purr and solid neutronium (neutron star stuff) or (c) go straight to a black hole. Considering we call him The Dark Wonder, I fear the latter. (grin)


... had the joy of a Sunday night with Mrs. Dr. Phil out of town, which means that starting around 9:30pm he can torture me by messing with things and trying to chew the blinds or jumping into the computer desk and going behind the monitor and printer where all the cables live. By 10:30 I had to get out the red laser pointer and have him chase-the-dot until he got exhausted. One of his favorite games, but last night was probably the first night in the last week he'd of been up for the game. (snicker)


... is feeling better after her bout of smelly runny poop, as I predicted/hoped for yesterday. By dinner she was waiting for the Blue Plate Special with the others and had a couple of mouthfuls before she'd had enough. Consistent with the others. When we put them to bed downstairs at night -- the reason that Bagel tortures me when Mrs. Dr. Phil isn't here, because he's afraid I might forget -- they get a small handful of Hairball Control Light crunchies and Blue enthusiastically joined with the others. This morning she lolled around the carpet in her usual morning display of See-Me-I'm-Cute-So-Feed-Me-Already and ate about a third of her crunchies. Again, consistent with whatever the hell it was that upset everybody's tums. (whew)

Bottom Line

I think The Great December Cat Crisis is averted. Please note, that I really don't know that the prescription canned food was to blame with a bad lot, but I will note that this was the special NF kidney diet from Purina, the small poptop cans, with a June 2008 expiration date and Lot numbers ending in x655, x656, x657, x658. They're out of the house now and we're working on some older July 2007 expiration cans and haven't tried the replacement August 2008 expiration cans. Hopefully it wasn't some formula change that the babies can't tolerate. (grin)

Dr. Phil

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