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Season's Greetings and All That Rot

We no longer get a print edition of the WMU newsletter, but a digest of items appears in our e-mails and a link to the newsletter website. I suppose you can download a PDF of the newsletter if you insist on having one in your hot little hands -- I dunno.

But one of the features has been a long-running series of Writing Tips. Intended to make memos and other University documents conform to WMU standards, most of the items make plenty of sense and as a writer, I've got most of the grammar hints down cold.

Today's Hint For The Politically Correct Slash All-Encompassing Holidays

Writing Tip--Use "Holiday Recess" (not Christmas break) to refer to the joyous period, beginning Dec. 23 this year, when the University is closed. And remember, Santa knows which boys and girls follow the writing tips.

They're quite right, of course, and in my hardened little black heart I should acknowledge this more. But (sigh) I was raised when it was still Christmas. Indeed, I was so isolated in a small town in Western upstate New York, that it wasn't until I was ten that I met anyone of the Jewish persuasion. (My ignorant thought at the time, which I instantly realized was stupid and therefore managed to squelch before I opened my mouth, was hadn't these people ever heard of Jesus Christ? Yet I knew about modern Israel and the Six Day War -- who did I think was fighting on the Israeli side?) This despite the fact, which I didn't learn officially until just about ten years ago, that my mother's mother was Jewish. Which explained why her parents had fled Russia.

Gad, children are stupid. (grin) But sometimes it is frightening how many of those childhood "facts" don't get fixed in school.

So Happy Holidays...

... and Season's Greetings, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Kwanzaa, and Happy New Year to all, for now at least. More merriment and greetings to follow, I'm sure. After all, even though we're being religiously neutral, the Writing Tips do insist this is a joyous season -- and one involving that Santa fellow. (ho-ho-ho)

Dr. Phil

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