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Romance Isn't What You Think It Is


The latest Internet Review of Science Fiction, IROSF, ended up being a Fall quarterly edition as they transition management, but boldly soldier on. They are currently finishing up their third year. With a reader base of around five thousand, IROSF figures they'll be able to keep going.

You have to subscribe, but I'm not sure they're yet charging for new subscriptions and they'll cheerfully e-mail you a reminder when they've got a new issue up. Good people. Interesting articles and reviews.

Paranormal Romance and More

The new Fall 2006 issue includes Cynthia Ward's discussion of Paranormal Romance: Here, There, and Everywhere With the New Science Fiction. Besides doing a nice discussion of What Makes A Romance (my favorite movie Titanic comes in as a Love Story, but not a Romance, because there is no HEA -- Happily Ever After -- grin) and a very nice historical discussion of the roots of SF and Fantasy stories which could be considered Romances, plus the modern Paranormal Romances which form the fastest growing sub-genre. And doesn't usually get shelved in the SF/F section of book stores.

Of course I looked at the Bibliography for my 2004 Clarion classmate Marjorie M. Liu and behold:

Tiger Eye: A Dirk & Steele Adventure et seq. by Marjorie M. Liu (PR)
In a Beijing market, Dela Reese buys a riddle box that contains an enchanted shapeshifter. Liu is a graduate of the Clarion Science Fiction Writers' Workshop.

Yay! And a whole slew of my favorite books (Time and Again, The Time Traveler's Wife, etc., get mentioned, too).

Recommended article.
Recommended on-line journal.

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