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Grade-A-Thon Update

Fall 2006 Semester grades were finished at 11:40am -- hardly even close to the Noon deadline for logging into the Registrar's computer. Actually, it took me twelve minutes to get the last grade done, since I had one "Interinstitutional" student from a nearby college, and that involved a form and calling someone at the Registrar's office to manually input the grade -- and their phone lines are swamped... (grin)

For Your Entertainment

Mrs. Dr. Phil and I have long held that musical comedians -- those who make fun of music and musicians and the people who love same -- are some of the smartest, funniest people ever. So, here's a contribution via Jib-Jab (their HTML markup for the video was rated INVALID by LiveJournal, so I just left the links):

I should point out that I kept getting dropouts on my laptop via Wi-Fi and DSL, so I let it sit and percolate by itself for a while to build up some buffering. The piece is about 9 minutes long, but this guy is good.

This Afternoon's Agenda

Lunch, nap, resume life.

Dr. Phil

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