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Boundary Values Between 2006 and 2007

A Quiet End To The Year

Well, watching the Bears playing the Packers on NBC's Sunday Night Football looked pretty much to be a lose -- and wasn't that game supposed to be on at 1pm in the first place? So it was easy to switch to PBS Great Performances and watch Garrison Keillor's New Year's Eve special from Nashville TN. A lovely quiet and gentle way to end the Strange Year of 2006. PBS ran the show til 1am EST, but we took the cats downstairs at 12:40am and listened to the simulcast from the Ann Arbor NPR station. They, too, tubed out at 1am, even though Garrison seemed to be saying that they were going to be on through the New Year in PST. So we missed some of that.

Had the traditional eggnog and pickled herring after midnight. It's supposed to be for good luck, but I'll understand if you get a funny look on your face, because we're mashing two different traditions together and some years eggnog & herring just don't quite sit well.

Did fine last night. (grin)

A Quiet Start To The Year

I was flipping between two adjacent channels watching the Rose Parade this morning -- because, well, why watch commercials or listen to interminable plugs for network TV when you want to watch the damned parade -- when I noticed a tent marked HGTV. Wait... doesn't the Home & Garden channel cover the Rose Parade? And don't they do it commercial free?


Okay. I like this. And the weather in Pasadena CA was much better than last January the 1st.

Dr. Phil

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