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Living In January '07


As I mentioned in a posting about It's The End Of My Life As I Know It, I have to deal with an 8am class 4.25 days a week. (There are some exams which are on Fridays.) Anyway, after three days of classes, I am surviving and the weather is behaving.

Disrupting Sleep Patterns

My natural inclination is to work until 2, 3, 4am. Then go to bed. During a normal workday, I really need to get to bed around 2am. With an 8am class, I have to leave around 6:15am, which means getting up at 5am, which means going to bed at 1am. (sigh) Unfortunately, coming off of Christmas break, I've got a couple of weeks of Real Bad Habits. (grin) So I had trouble going to sleep "that" early the first two days. Better now. But I'll take a nap when I get home.

Ooh, Shiny!

What amazes me -- and I've been amazed by this before -- is just how bloody many people are on the roads by 6am. I mean, ON the road, which means they got up earlier. Once I hit the freeways, there are some stretches where there are long ribbons of red taillights stretching out in front of me and bending into curves I've not yet reached. Flow lines. It's pretty.

This assumes there isn't snow or whiteout conditions. (grin)

Hey, you take your appreciation of beauty when and where you can find it.

Dr. Phil

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