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Blizzard 2007 Update

Yup, It's Sn*wy Out There

And cold.

About two hours ago I hopped in the 1996 Blazer and drove up and down the driveway in 4WD to make some tracks. They're mostly still there, though the wind continues to blow and the snow is so fine and dry, it fills in the tracks easily:

We have a 240-foot driveway which we clear by hand, using a pair of classic aluminum sheet metal Yooper scoopers. Making tracks in 4WD is much warmer, but isn't really a long-term driveway solution, just expedient.

End O' The World -- Tape at 11pm

The local Grand Rapids TV stations did a decent job covering things all day Saturday. They've finally decided it is counterproductive to STOP running the Closings crawls on the bottom of the screen during commercials -- never made sense to me to give the audience a reason to change channels during a weather event.

There are two Slip-n-Slide parts of US-131 which always get drivers into trouble. The southern end of Kent County / northern edge of Allegan County, between 100th Street and Dorr, is always good for slide-off wrecks in both directions. 30 cars wrecked and both directions closed for a while on Saturday. This is one of the trouble sections I have to traverse in my long commute. The other I don't have to worry about, US-131 north of I-96. They had a 70 car smashup. You'd think they'd put up signs which say SITE OF 70 CAR PILE-UP / ARE YOU DRIVING TOO FAST FOR CONDITIONS? Or that drivers would KNOW to be vigilant there.

But no. Sigh.

So Is Monday A Sn*w Day?

I suspect a lot of schools will be closed tomorrow. Not sure how bad Kalamazoo got it. It was on the edge of yesterday's lake effect bands, but the I-94 corridor was slated to get clobbered last night and this morning. WMU is unlikely to make up its mind to close until after I'd be on the road, so my ability to get in to class tomorrow will depend really on visibility. East-West roads seem to be swept clean, north-south can be drifted.

We'll see.

Dr. Phil

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