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But What Do The Little People Do?

A week after our raging lake effect blizzard, days after the near zero cold and frigid wind chills (and all the while things are still lake effecting in parts of Upstate New York towards the 100" of snow mark), the main roads here on Saturday in my area are clear and dry. And then there are the parking lots.

What is going on here? While the biggest places seem to have heard of snow plows, nearly every small and medium business around here has done zippo in the plowing department, leaving a mashed up brown sugar of snow and ruts up to 8" deep -- it's particularly bad in Drive-Thru lanes of banks and fast food joints, where every car stops in roughly the same place leaving one small bare spot it is hard to get in and out of.

I stop to get gas in Kalamazoo or something at McDonalds and I have to go into 4WD and still slide around like a drunken fool because of the uncertain soft footing? Excuse me -- walking across your ruddy parking lot and getting soaked just to buy cat food or bagels isn't my idea of catering to the customers.

And I can't tell you how many small cars, even with the near ubiquitous front-wheel drive, are spinning their driving wheels and either not moving or slaloming sideways. This is crazy!

The Exception Today?

The grocery store. Guess the carts don't have 4WD and they'd be abandoned with abandon willy-nilly if people could barely roll them to their cars.

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