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Well, At Least The First Three Letters...

The April 2007 issue (available here in the beginning of February!!!) of Realms of Fantasy magazine contains a story by fellow 2004 Clarionite Trent Hergenrader. "Black Jack Davy" is a beautifully told tale of the tough life on the prairie and of the yearning for freedom and love, based on a folk song recorded by Johnny Cash and others. The story also has an interesting tale of its own -- "Black Jack Davy" was one of Trent's two submission stories for his application to get into Clarion, it was "volunteered" to be the first story the 2004 Clarion workshop critted on Monday 7 June 2004, and now it's out in the world for all of you to read. Even if I didn't know the author, I'd call it: Recommended.

Typesetters Dreams and Missteps

The accompanying illustration by Brian Horton is beautiful and evocative. The text is broken up with some excerpt blocks written in handwritten calligraphy which looks like nineteenth century writing, giving the piece an air of past history being told.

Unfortunately it is marred with the same problem which happens on at least one other first page of a story in my copy -- the registration between colors is off, making the first page of text nearly impossible to read. For a magazine which features such detailed covers, one wishes quality control was a wee bit tighter. Hope it doesn't deter anyone from reading past the first couple of paragraphs, or maybe it was just my copy.

Oh, and Trent?

There's a typo on page 61. Don't know if it's yours or theirs. (huge-annoying-grin)

Dr. Phil

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