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Because You're Tired Of Hearing Me Carp About The Weather

The Midwest Bands Together -- Solidarity With a Shovel!

SF writer John Scalzi's blog The Whatever has a nice comment stream on the snow/ice/blizzard/Storm O Death rolling through the lower Midwest tonight. My contribution to the comments:

Dr. Phil | February 13, 2007 07:15 PM

Amazing the number of Whatever posters from the Midwest. And I was just waiting for one of the sonsofbritches from California to start The Gloat. What I like about blizzards is that in the Midwest, snow comes down, snow goes sideways, but the house doesn't move.

At last report the Line o' Death is tracking along I-94, not I-96. That means we'll get a little snow where I live in West Michigan and the high winds will drift it some. Maybe the garbage can will stay in its drift and not wander out down the icy road in the morning. But when my long commute reaches Kalamazoo County, well, K-zoo has no concept of what it means to plow snow and the university does little better -- and the university CLOSES so dang late if they bother to close that I'll be on the road trying to get to my thrice-damned 8am class.

Who came up with 8am classes in the winter anyway? Oh, wait, the university renamed this SPRING semester the other year. (smacks-hand-on-forehead)

Dr. Phil

Just One Lousy 8am Class In The Morning

We'll see if I get there. (grin)

Too Many Ideas

I keep getting new story ideas faster than I can write them. So I'm struggling to find time to get the ideas and some of the text down before they evaporate. Writer's block is a common enough affliction, but no one seems to talk about Writer's Flood. (double-edged-grin)

Dr. Phil
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