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So Much For The Ides Of February **

Nothing Says Valentine's Day Like...

Hey, I'm romantic -- it's the rest of the world that doesn't seem to get it.

The Boat Show

I guess the Grand Rapids Boat Show is underway -- it may've even started today. Yeah, I can see where this is going to be a big draw for a lot of couples, especially with the big fishing tank and the live crocodile wrestling demonstrations, or whatever it was they were advertising on the radio.

The Valentine's Day Massacre

What? You're worried your corporation might be considered insensitive by laying off employees and announcing restructuring at the end of the year? All that Christmas in Despair crap? Why not announce big wipe outs on the Day of Love, Daimler-Chrysler?

The Valentine's Day Blizzard

While it didn't do much here in this part of West Michigan, parts of the southern edge of Michigan and a big swath across Indiana, Ohio and a bunch of states east and west from there got clobbered. Do they still do that horrible everyone-exchange-to-everyone Valentines in the lowest grades in school? Unpopular kids either got way fewer than everyone else despite the rules or they got all the Valentines in the big multipacks which had monkeys on them. One unpopular kid getting two dozen monkey Valentines is going to gain a lot of confidence and self-esteem out of that little business.

Alas, no trauma for anyone as schools were closed all along the blizzard route. Leaving...

Piles of Unsold Merchandise

Hey, I didn't tell everyone to make this a commercial holiday, filled with cards, candy and flowers. Oh, and diamonds. Since so many guys, and you know they're mostly guys, buy these items at the last minute, being snowed in and the roads shut leaves these things on the shelf. They'll be on sale tomorrow. Will we see Valentine's bargain hunting?

Love Is In The Air...

... every damn day of the year! So don't just save it up for a commercial holiday. And for you curmudgeons out there, there is a worse commercial holiday: Sweetest Day.

Dr. Phil

** NOTE: Most people misinterpret "the ides" to mean "the 15th", as in the Ides of March. And indeed, some dictionaries make it the 15th of some of the long months and the 13th of the other months. But I recall being taught once that the ides represents the middle fortnight of the month, i.e. the week before and after the middle of the month. Thus Caesar had two weeks to look over his shoulder, which is why he missed the guys ganging up on him with knives. (grin)

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