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Whoops -- Missed One!

Six Weeks In Queensland: 8 January to 16 February 2007

Damn, I missed looking you guys up! The Third Clarion South workshop has come and gone. Guess this every-other-year format snuck up on me again. That and sometimes "they" try to crack down on blogging during the workshop, so I haven't seen (or looked for) any Clarion South blogs yet. Anyway, congratulations to the seventeen brave souls who will find themselves forever changed by that six-week writing bootcamp/sweatshop which is The Clarion Experience.

[UPDATE: Found one CS 2007 blog so far: battblush. And... clarionfishy neoguardian petermball plus storiesofthefuture clarionscraps ]

In Case You're Keeping Score

The original Clarion workshop, which has moved around to a couple of locations over its nearly forty years, recently moved from the campus of Michigan State University, East Lansing MI to a new site at the University of California-San Diego. Mostly outsiders have referred to Clarion as Clarion East -- but that moniker just won't hunt no more. The 2007 Workshop is 25 June to 3 August -- application deadline is 1 April 2007. (Did someone remind Clarion this is a Sunday? Oh, wait, it's always April 1st -- I get it.) (grin)

Clarion West is a similar six-week program home ported in Seattle WA. The 2007 Westies will convene from 17 June to 27 July. Their applications are also due by 1 April 2007. (They must've gotten the same April 1st memo.) (double-grin)

Clarion South is Yet Another Clarion, but this time held Down Under at the Nathan campus of Griffiths University in Brisbane, Queensland, AUSTRALIA. The 2007 workshop, as noted, is just completed. Applications for the 2009 Clarion South workshop will begin in 2008.

"But I Just Can't Afford To...

I know, I know. Who can take six-weeks plus off from work? Who can afford all that tuition, travel, room & board? The real issue isn't the money or the time -- if you WANT this, there are ways -- it's the stark reality of putting You and Your Writing out there. Took me decades to actually let anyone read any of my writing. After I started getting serious and submitting things to markets in June 2002, I started hearing about Clarion. Couldn't possibly afford it. Except... by the fall of 2003 I knew that I could just swing it, and probably should. Fired in an application the day they started taking applications for the 2004 Clarion. The rest, we hope, is all history.

There are lots of us Clarion grads out there. Even if you're sure you can't afford this, read some Clarion blogs and talk to people. Some are listed at Clarion Ex Machina. You might find that it sounds interesting. (wicked-grin)

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