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When I Was A Lad In College...

... which would've been Northwestern in Evanston IL, the most marvelous concoction appeared: Edwardo's Pizza on Howard Street at the border of Chicago and Evanston. Edwardo's made something call Chicago Stuffed Pizza.

Now I know that the whole world talks about Chicago Deep Dish Pizza and yeah, it's available in a lot of places, but Deep Dish just isn't The Real Ultimate Deal. Stuffed pizza is substantial. It's got a double-crust with sauce on top, stands two inches thick, weighs several pounds and takes a good forty to forty-five minutes to cook. Edwardo's also perfected a spinach stuffed pizza... mmmm.

In college we started with a standard S-M-O: sausage, mushrooms and onions. Spinach, black olives and other goodies popular, too.

There were a couple of other places which do stuffed pizza and Edwardo's expanded by selling franchises, but some of them have folded, including the original Howard Street store. Grand Rapids has a Pizzeria Uno's franchise now, which does the deep dish thing, but it's not stuffed pizza.

Which Brings Us To Today's Revelation

Saturday morning and I'm catching up with some newspapers and a bowl of cereal. The Thursday Grand Rapids Press Entertainment section had a feature on G.R. pizza places. And there, in a photo identified as a "deep dish pizza", was a proper Chicago-style Stuffed Pizza. Joe Chicago's Pizza is down on Wilson Avenue, across from the Rivertown Crossings Mall, near the I-196 and M-6 freeways I travel on every day to WMU.

This requires Research!

On to their website, where they not only have pictures and a menu, but online coupons, too. Well, gee. I had to go to the post office before noon, so how about I call them afterwards and run down and get us some sausage, mushroom, onion and black olive stuffed pizza?

This requires Evidence!


Wait, They've Been Open How Long?

Aiyh! Cries of anguish. Gnashing of teeth.

Turns out Joe Chicago's Pizza has been open for FOUR years. We could've been eating Chicago-style stuffed pizza for FOUR years!

Oh well, can't afford to pay the delivery charges on time travel pizza...

We'll just have to enjoy it now. Yo Cole, you listening?

Dr. Phil

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