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Winter Storm Delayed By... The Winter Storm

This weekend has been the Winter Storm Which Couldn't Get Here. A week ago it was forecast for Thursday, then Friday, then Saturday... then Sunday starting at 1 am. This huge storm, bothering people from the Plains to the Gulf to the South to the Midwest to the Mid Atlantic states to the Northeast Corridor and New England, took its time moving along.

And the weather finally got me, at least as far as forcing me to make a decision not to try assaulting the roads.

Sunday Night's Forecast: Dark

Not quite an hour into the Oscars, our power struggled for a bit, then a few minutes later went out for over two hours. I was thinking that maybe someone had hit a power pole, or perhaps ice had built up on a power line or cable TV line and dragged some wires down. But later the news was saying that a power substation in Allendale had a problem at 8pm. Since our power didn't go down until around 9:20pm, I guess they were having problems.

Meanwhile, those few cars on the road outside were moving very slowly.

Bottom Line

My commute is some 77 miles. It's about 20 miles to the freeway, then about 50 miles of that, plus another 7 miles or so into campus. On a clear day, it's 55 and 70 mph nearly all the way, and I average roughly about 60 mph. In really slow, sloppy, slippery conditions, the first part of the trip gets down to the 20-30 mph and the freeway gets down to 30-50 mph. That's an hour or more for each part of the trip. Getting to campus for an 8am class, I'd have to leave home between 5 and 6am to even have a chance -- and that assumes there aren't accidents or (heaven forbid) someone runs into me.

If the power had remained off, which is was when I made the decision to call in and cancel my class, getting up in the dark adds even more to the time.

It's Unfortunate

But whatcha gonna do? I tell my students to use their own good judgment as to whether to make it in to class during inclement weather -- and I wish more of those on the roads could be trusted to stay home until later, too. Mrs. Dr. Phil decided to get up an hour later than usual, to see conditions in the murk of overcast daylight, another wise choice.

Y'all be safe out there, y'heah?

Dr. Phil

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