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Ficlets Week 2

Ficlets For Fun

Last week I posted an entry on AOL's new Ficlet short fiction website. These under-1000 word stories can be cute and clever and addictive -- plus you can take your turn writing prequel and sequel stories to other Ficlets. Could be fun.

My first Ficlet, "The Hero Business", has generated one prequel -- it's not my style and I wasn't trying to write campy space opera, but hey, I can see where the writer is coming from. The whole point is that some are going to work and some won't. So be it.

They say heroes are born, not made. But “they” are wrong. As usual. All you have to do is game the system a little bit.

See, I didn’t join the Space Corps to serve the greater good or help mankind or any of that other crap. I joined up for the money...

Two New Stories

That first story I turned on the Mature tag, figuring that we were going in for hero bashing and skullduggery and things which innocent minds might not best be exposed to at a tender young age... Actually I think I just wanted to test how the system worked. This week's Ficlets do not have that restriction, so you can view them without having to log in. You're welcome.

"Butterflies" earned a sequel pretty damned quick, and I have to say that although it isn't quite the same voice, it's a nice little piece by itself.

The butterflies didn’t return this year.

I’m sure they meant to, but I heard there was a freak spring ice storm in Mexico...

"Quiet Ceremony" ran over the 1000-word limit on its first pass -- the word/words left counters don't display on my PDA, so I was just winging it -- and I had to chop as some verbiage, but I think the gritty space frontier situation survives even with such spare writing.

Brenda’s mom would’ve been disappointed. It was just me and Brenda, the old guy who served as a preacher or justice of the peace, we were never quite sure, and a handful of spacers on the dock as our witnesses.

“You guys said your ship is ‘bout to leave, so let’s get it over,” the old guy said...

Your Turn

Read 'em, write 'em, play with 'em. It's all good.

But Dr. Phil, I hear you ask, why should I publish my great words on a free site? Good question. If they're so great, maybe you should finish the story and send it on to a pro market. But put it this way: Tiger Woods doesn't just step out on the first tee in Augusta and goes out and win the Masters. Well, he sortof does, I guess. (grin) But Tiger puts in his time on the putting greens and the driving ranges, honing his skills. Writers can do little practice shots, too, and that's how I'm looking at Ficlets. Gives me a chance to write REALLY short. Gives me a chance to write a good opening hook.

Anyway, I'll probably regularly update here when I get around to writing some more Ficlets. And let me know if you've got any up on the Ficlets site.

Dr. Phil

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